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People Have Been Asking Me

SoulCollage® came up three times on Thursday, once in therapy and twice at my favorite second-hand shop, the Assistance League (A-L) of Albuquerque. I'll keep the therapy session stuff to myself and tell you about the others.

As I talked to an A-L volunteer about the glossy colored magazines I was buying (at 50 cents a piece) a voice from behind the dressing-room curtain chimed in with "SoulCollage® is the greatest!" Turns out, it was the voice of a local psychotherapist who has found the SoulCollage® process helpful in her Albuquerque practice. When the therapist learned that I am a trained SoulCollage® facilitator, she gave me her card and said she would like to talk. The A-L volunteer had me jot down my name and phone number.

Maybe it's time I offered some classes while I'm 66 on Route 66. Here I am in black offering a SoulCollage®class at The Red Shoes in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It's been awhile.

The SoulCollage® process involves intuitively choosing a variety of images from magazines and photographs to create "cards." Then, using just scissors and glue, we create a deck of collaged cards, one by one, day after day, or year after year. In then end, each card reflects aspects of our life, our dreams, or our influences.

Anyone can do it! All that's needed is a willingness to go within and a dash of creativity and imagination.  You can see three of my cards above: the Social Justice Jesus, the Pattern Breaker, and the Persistent Lover. Each speaks to different aspects of my psyche, and each reflects a call of sorts upon my life. I'm no artist, but that's not the point.

When I began my deck in 2009 at a Red Shoes workshop with Debbie Cannatella, an accomplished artist, I thought I could never measure up. However, cards can be used for reflection, meditation, and to do readings. When Debbie showed us how to "read" our cards, I was in my element. I hit it out of the park. I went to town. Within a year I had a good start on my own deck and had trained to become a SoulCollage® facilitator.

I can talk about decks later. There's so much more I could say, but I'm going to leave it at this for the moment. I've got a little guy here waiting for some attention. It's definitely time to to take him out play. That ball isn't going to throw itself!

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