I always wanted my own classroom. Early on, my father accommodated. When I was a young girl, he fashioned a classroom in a corner of the brick-walled basement of our house in Royal Oak, Michigan.   ​

My father was an expert scavenger and managed to get his hands on both a church pew, which he propped against a wall and a number of used school-house desks. The coup de grace, though, was a massive sheet of slate, which my father recycled into a hanging blackboard at the front of my makeshift classroom. There I shared a space nearby my mother's mangle, washer & dryer, and the fearsome incinerator.  

While teaching those dolls and stuffed animals, I never dreamed I would teach at the college level, but in 2001, I began teaching Composition, Business Writing, Introduction to Literature, and Images of Women in Literature. Then, in 2002, I received a Service-Learning Faculty Incentive Award, and that set the course of my university career. 



Instructor, Louisiana State University Independent and Distance Learning

  • Taught Advanced Composition and Business Writing to students from across the country, from nurses seeking to advance their careers to incarcerated prisoners to traditional students 



Instructor, Louisiana State University English Department

  • Taught Composition, Rhetoric, Business Writing, and Images of Women in Literature.

  • Developed intercultural service-learning curriculum, Transcending Stereotypes in a Post September 11 World. 

  • Nominated for the 2004 LSU Outstanding Service-Learning Award.

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