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Exceed Your Expectations

Join me in my first experience teaching gifted and talented (G & T) students, as I share lessons learned and educational highlights. While I have a  Master's Degree in English Language & Literature and have taught college writing, I only began teaching at the 6-12 level in August of 2020. I obtained a Level 1 teaching certification during COVID and am currently half-way through my New Mexico State

G & T Endorsement.

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) I am Managing 2020-2021 Academic Year 

When I began teaching (online) in August of 2020, my knowledge of the IEP process was purely academic, but now I am writing IEP documents, hosting IEP meetings, interviewing parents and students, and monitoring individual IEP progress. Did I mention that I love my job? 

The National Association for Gifted Students, my go-to source for all things

G & T, defines an IEP as a "document that delineates special education services for special-needs students. The IEP includes any modifications that are required in the regular classroom and any additional special programs or services."


While federal law and the majority of states do not require IEPs for gifted learners, New Mexico does. Kudos, New Mexico!

Click here to see a confidential (anonymous) list of IEP goals I am monitoring:

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